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Kenya Clothing Wear

Kenya is one tourist destination that many people love visiting, it has all the attractions that will make your safari interesting. Although the only to enjoy and feel at home once you are in Kenya is by packing comfortable as well as causal clothes. Among these include jeans, hats,safari  jackets, shirts, khaki, shoes and many others. All you must keep in mind is that you travel light and avoid bright colors that may ruin your trip.

Kenya is a hot country and so you are recommended to pack safari clothes that have natural materials like cotton and linen, these often absorb the heat and they can be washed and dried within no time. Other fabrics like silk is not favorable for a trip, it will instead frustrate you because you will end up sweating the whole day. Give time to your packing and Endeavour to carry lightweight layers for your safari.

What To Wear

Some people usually love bright colors not knowing that these are not needed for a trip, first of all these get dirty and dusty within no time and this will necessitate you to wash them and still pack a lot more. The best travel clothes to have include those with natural colors like khaki, tan as well as brown. With these colors, you suit well in the environment you are visiting. Colors like blue tend to attract tsetse flies that may cause you sleeping sickness.

There are particular parts in Kenya especially in the Highlands and Nairobi that are always cold in the early morning and later evening. This is noticed in the month of July and August thus if you are traveling during this time; pack a few heavy clothes for Shopping the best kenya clothes that will make you enjoy your tripexample a pullover, jumper or even a shawl. If you traveled without these African clothes, you may end up staying indoor without getting the chance to see the wildlife. Because of the altitude of the mountains, you are remembered to pack warmer safari clothing ,safari hats along with a waterproof jacket just in case of rain.

Best Safari Clothing

Besides seeing the wildlife in Kenya, it’s as well gifted with beautiful sand beaches. Packing a swimwear will surely do you a good service because you will be free to enjoy the cool breeze as you take a bath. Keep in mind that this kind of wear should be restricted to the beach or pool area, your swimwear may offend the other local people thus try to cover up until you get to the beach.
As you tour Kenya, you will find some places that are particularly for Muslims like the coast, wearing short clothes may not please them once they spotted you so you are recommended to wear long safari clothes that cover up your shoulders. Women should take note of this because they often the victim. When you dress up appropriately, you will easily be welcomed by the local people and your stay will be of great experience.

Taking a safari to any destination calls for relaxation and enjoyment of the African sky. Seeing the sun as its sets is the best memorable moment in Africa. The true wilderness of Africa will make you fall in love with nature. Packing the appropriate safari clothing will make you enjoy Kenya at its best.

If you are a kind that loves camouflage clothes, these may not be allowed in Kenya. Get clothing that will blend well with Mother Nature. Walking shoes, boots and sandals must be considered, these must be comfortable because the roads in Kenya are dusty and not well maintained. Items like jewelry must be left at home because you may not get a chance to put them on. Months like March, May, October and December are a rainy season and so pack a raincoat that will protect you from the rain. Kenya is a free country that will allow any kind of clothes that you may want to put on as long as it doesn’t offend the society.

What To See

Kenya is famous because of its tourist attractions, its one country that can offer you the best adventure safari that you could ever go on in life. People that have visited Kenya and enjoyed themselves always plan for their next visit with friends to enjoy the wilderness of Kenya. You may be wondering why this country is over praised but the reason behind this is its well known attractions that live tourists mesmerized and yarning for more.

Kenya has a beautiful view of lake Victoria and its acknowledged to be the largest in Africa, its source originates from Uganda and it covers an area of about 68,800 sq km.There are different kinds of bird species that can be spotted at any corner and aquatic animals if you take  a dive in the lake. Taking a boat ride will enable you see many wild animals that settle on the shores of the lake among these include hippos,crocodiles,buffaloes and many others, they visit the shores to cool off the heat and relax. Fishing is a major activity and this can be done with the help of the local fishermen that do this every day.

The beauty of Kenya is seen once you visit the the Great Rift Valley, it’s a big valley that covers an entire area of the Northern Syria to central Mozambique. You will see all kinds of wildlife visiting the valley to take some water and relax, its scenic view is memorable to all tourist that visit the area.

Mount Kenya is one attraction that you must visit once you are in the country, it covers an area of about 5,199 meters tall giving a chance to hike up to the top. Such activity is organized by the tour operators and this takes around 4-6 days, it’s adventurous to those that love hiking. The mountain is surrounded by different ecosystems and these will be seen as hike. The experience is for a life time.

A Trip To Kenya

Masai Mara National Reserve is popular for its wildlife in the whole world, this is a must see area. It’s acknowledged as the natural Best Kenya attractions that are a must seewonders of the world and this is because of its wildebeest migration that takes place every year. The wildebeest that move from the Serengeti plains to Masai Mara are round 1.5 and their aim is get water and the green vegetation that may not be in the other areas.

Another exciting park to visit is Amboseli, its well known for its big population of elephants that is calculated to be over 1,600.These animals occupy the mountains thus giving a wonderful view of the site. Once you are at Mountain Kenya, you will spot Amboseli along with its amazing attractions.

Some tourists love seeing different kinds of bird, Lake Nakuru is famous for its Flamingos. They concentrate on the shores of the lake to feed on the algae and they are around 1 million. The park is also home to the big population of the black and white rhinos in the whole world. This creature is quite rare and can only be discovered in this park. Visiting Kenya will surely make you enjoy your stay and the experience will be of a lifetime.