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The Maasai wear and its culture is quite amazing. Their clothing usually depends on place, sex as well as age. During the circumcision period, young men will have to wear black as they are preparing for the occasion. Their piece of cloth is so wonderful with colors such as black, blue and Red well striped. This checkered cloth is part of their daily activities. To other countries, it’s known as Africa’s multi-purpose color design. Since these people have been known to be cattle keepers, they had to put in use all the skin animals to get a cotton cloth and that was during the 1960s.A maasai is easily identified by the  maasai  clothing or wear, They have a sheet called a shuka that is customary wrapped around the body and shoulders and a third piece over the top of the head. This shuka has beautiful colors that are not threatened by warriors. hay have a another garment called kanga and the maasais who stay close to the coast normally put on Kikoi,This piece of cloth gets in unique colors as well as textiles although the most liked fashion is the one with stripes.Have time and have a maasi tour you have a memorable experience
The maasai are of two different countries, that is Kenya and Tanzania. Therefore those of Tanzania usually match their garment with easy sandals that were before made from cowhides. With this mordernisation, masai shoes inform of sandals have been soled with tire strips and at times plastic, Wooden bracelets is part of their footwear. The main activity of the maasai women is to weave as well as bead jewelery in form of necklaces,bracelets,anklelets and many others. The jewelry made or beads are vital for their body enhancement and they use many colors although the most important are water, blue, black and red well known for warriors or blood
Bead working has so much it means in their culture, the easiest way to identify these Maasai people is through body enhancement along with body painting. Prior to the coming of the Europeans, Maasai made their beads from confined raw materials. For instance, black and white beads were designed from charcoal, seeds, and iron. Red beads made from woods, gourds as well as copper. More still, the white beads were configured from shells, ivory and clay. It was later on modernized through the coming of the European glass beads in Africa.Beadworkers made better beads with complex colors that were liked and admired by everyone. Solid glass beads are used for many activities such as decorations and many others.