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Tanzania Clothing Wear

Due to the weather differences in Tanzania, people wear what will make them comfortable. Areas such as the coastal are known to be hot and humid, Central Tanzania is semi-desert and so it’s always cold in the night further more in the southern highlands along with mount Kilimanjaro are also cold places and the dress code really matters in such an area.

African countries have traditional dresses, African clothes and for the maasai, they just use one piece of clothing which they wrap around the body and set for the day feeling great and comfortable. The perfect time for a visit in Tanzania is during summer time. Normal clothes may be the best for this trip an addition of a sweater or jacket will do you well in case of a cold place. There are things which you are not supposed to carry or wear such as jewelry and short clo. This is because in places like Zanzibar where there are many Muslims, it may seem so offensive.

Tanzania is one of the East African countries with an exciting culture. The design  or fashion of the tanzania clothing calls for an ancient ethos as well as culture of the Tanzanian region. The tanzania clothes are configured with a mixture of old and the new  and are so much influenced by the recent fashion trends with designs from Europe and North America. Even though there are many current designs, Tanzania has been able to maintain its traditional clothing that is known as Khanga.This piece of cloth is distinctive in the east African nation of Tanzania and its rectangular in shape and made of pure cotton.
Safari in Tanzania

The khanga is printed in bold designs furthermore has bright colors that make the piece look beautiful. The most interesting thing about these khangas is that they are bought in pairs and still worn in a way that the wearer looks beautiful and shows an attractive appearance. Once you are in Tanzania, you will realize that these khangas are used to cover other clothes and some use them to carry their children on their backs. Furthermore they are used as decorative wall hanging as wall as tablecloths. These pieces have nice educational and information messages.