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Travelers love visiting Uganda although what keeps running in their  mind is what to wear, Uganda is a free country that doesn’t put restriction on any dress code, whichever you feel like wearing no one is going to bother you. Most cities in Kampala will surprise with people wearing t-shirts, khaki, jeans and many others. Something important to take of note is the fact that Uganda respects its culture therefore avoid wearing short clothes, this may not please the local people. Pack safari clothes that will make you comfortable and still gain you respect.

Uganda Clothes

When it comes to fashion, Ugandan are so eager to change their wordrobes.Clothes that you bring a long will be allowed and you will not look out of place. Visiting other parts of the country will call for decency because the locals are so conservative. Your dress code may need to change to suit the environment and you as well to enjoy the fun of the locals that will be running over you as you tour the different sites.

Uganda’s weather is hard to predict and so you are recommended to carry layered clothes but lightweight. Clothes with a cotton fabric will be the best for your trip in Uganda. It’s sometimes cold especially during early morning and late evening, pack a jumper,safari jacket or shawl to keep you warm. If your interest is visiting the mountains, you may have to change the clothes you will be packing. Heavy clothes and waterproof jacket will be considered for a successful tour to Uganda.

Clothing In Uganda

Shop online the best safai clothes to wear in UgandaZip off trousers can actually help you reduce on the number of  African clothes your planning to take on a safari, they are easy to put on and off. But something that will make you comfortable will be the jeans and short trousers more so when the weather starts to change. Your beautiful jewelry must be left at home; you can buy the African jewelry that will match well with your safari clothes. These art and craft may be a little expensive but worth taking home as a souvenir.

Footwear is something that you must put on so much attention, you need comfortable safari shoes, boots as well as sandals to enable you enjoy your nature walk. The roads are a bit dusty and not well maintained. A safari to Uganda will make you enjoy the African sky along with the sun as it sets to the east. Visiting the wilderness will be a true experience. Remember all this can be achieved if you pack appropriate safari clothes that will make your trip memorable.

A Trip To Uganda

As you plan to visit Uganda, there are a few aspects that you must know about this country. It’s a famous tourist destination that has a lot to offer to its visitors. Uganda is acknowledged to be the pearl of Africa because of its amazing mother nature. What makes this country unique from the rest of other countries is its natural vegetation, wildlife, culture and the people. There is a lot to do and see once you are in Uganda; the experience brings out the true Africa.

If you are interested in watching gorillas, Uganda is number one. Many of these gorillas can spotted in Bwindi Impenetrable forest that is located in the south western part of Uganda. Tourists that visit Uganda come to track the gorillas; the journey is quite tiresome although seeing them in the natural setting as they play feed and rest will give you a memorable experience. The mountain gorillas are also exciting to see.

With the right safari clothes, you will be able to visit the Murchison falls, they are situated on River Nile with a beautiful view of the surrounding. Besides the falls, there is a national park that will give an opportunity to see the wildlife at a close range and among these include giraffe, lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant, antelope and many others. The park is blessed with different kinds of bird species. This is the best place to visit in case you love seeing birds. The water falls is what makes this area so unique and amazing from other places in the country. Truth be told, visiting Murchison falls will make your dream come true.

Best Attractions

Jinja is a spot in Uganda that is often visited by tourists; this is because it’s the source of the river. So much has been said about this area and its one thing that has attracted so many people to Uganda. The activities that are done at this place can’t be found in any place within East Africa. Among these include bungee jumping, water rafting, jet cruising, horse riding and kayaking. Take a safari to Uganda and enjoy the beautiful view of Murchison fallsThese are must do activities once you visit jinja. Ishasha plains is another exciting spot to visit, you will get a chance to see the tree climbing lions. It’s so amazing seeing them rest on the trees. Seeing this beauty of creatures will show you how Uganda is a blessed country.
There are so many places that you are going to visit and among these include the Kibale National Park, its well known for its exciting chimpanzee, tracking chimpanzee may be a bit difficult although you are filled with joy when you see them play and rest in their natural setting. You must get tricks before you go tracking the chimpanzee, there are rules that govern this activity and this must be taken serious.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is situated in the south western part of Uganda and its popular for its wildlife and bird species. The park has over 600 different bird species and it’s the only amazing place to visit for bird watchers. There are so many wild animals in this place like elephants,buffalo,bush buck,lion,jackal,hyena and the Uganda Kob.Reptiles are also seen such as Gabon ripper, puff adder,python,turtles as well as crocodiles are discovered on the Mweya Peninsula.

Visiting the Rwenzori Mountain will be memorable, it’s known as the mountain of noon with its mountain ranges being the highest in Africa. It’s one mountain that is so difficult to hike and if you did, it may you so many days to get to the top. The surrounding lakes, waterfalls and glaciers attract many wildlife and these include chimpanzee, buffalo, giant forest hog and the elephants. It has the best scenic view that will give you the experience of the place.