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People are more concerned about what to wear in Gambia; it’s a question that lives many wondering. However this should not put you on tension because all that is needed is to be causal and wear safari clothes that will make you comfortable when traveling in Gambia.
African weather is not simple to predict and so you are advised to pack safari clothing that will suit the environment in Gambia. Get lightweight clothes that will not inconvenience you on your safari. Pack clothes that have natural colors that will blend well with Mother Nature. The fabric should be cotton to enable you feel comfortable at any time of the day.

Clothing Of Gambia

Clothing that have bright colors like white and blue are not good for your trip in Gambia, these easily attract insects of all kind that may cause you to fall sick. Bring clothes that will give a peace of mind as you enjoy the wilderness of Gambia. You are advised to pack a safari dress in case you are to visit of the hotels or restaurants in the country.Men are also required to put on their best clothes to make meaning to the dinner that they may have with the rest of the people. Match the dress with the best accessories and the right shoes that will make you look simple and attractive.

You must carry your swimwear because they are many beaches that may attract you to take a bath. Come with some long clothes that you may use as you walk along the shores. Swimming pools are discovered at the allocated hotel.  Gambia has the best weather conditions that will make your stay enjoyable. Its located close to the coat and so it’s hot and cold at any time of the day. Many Europeans come to this country to enjoy the cool breeze and relax as delight in the natural beauty of Gambia.

Take not of this, the rain season begins during the months of August to September.Its usually rains at night and  early morning, a raincoat or Umbrella is an essential for your safari, furthermore a safari jacket or shawl can do well in the early mornings when it’s cold.
Africa is a home to mosquitoes of any kind and so you are advised to carry insect repellent to prevent yourself from getting malaria. These are us ally active in the evening and if not you may put on long sleeved shirt ,khaki pants and trousers to cover the entire body.

Gambia Wear

After discovering what to wear in Gambia, take time to see what attractions you will love seeing while on your safari. Gambia is a tourist destination that attracts many holidaymakers from across the world. It has the best beaches and a variety of wildlife to see. It’s one African country that offers cheap holiday packages to its tourists that love staying at the coat.

Besides the coast, Gambia’s capital city Banjul is also popular for its amazing attractions and among these include the ancient buildings that were constructed in the colonial time along with the national museum that has all the artefacts that will give a brief introduction of the country. Places that are often visited by the holidaymakers include Kololi and Kotu, they are acknowledged with the best tourist attractions.Kotu is famous for different kinds of bird species that settle around the wetlands.

Catching a glimpse of the kingfishers as well as herons feed is the best moment of your trip to Gambia, you are recommended to come with a camera and take the best pictures. On the other hand, bird viewing can be joined with golf playing. As you take up the morning game you will see birds like bee-eaters, doves, herons and many others, the best view of the birds and wildlife can be captured from Senegambia.It’s a great spot that is surrounded with bars, restaurants as well as resorts that make it unique from the other areas. Art and craft shops are available to enable you buy a souvenir that will make you remember all the fun that you had in Gambia. The Experience is worth it.