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Traveling to Zambia may not need so much of pack, one thing to take note of is to wear casual and have comfortable safari clothes that will make you enjoy your stay in Zambia. People love traveling to different destinations although the question that rings in their mind is what to wear; there are so many  travel clothes on the market which may be problem for them to determine which one to have for safari. If you are so much confused, you may ask your tour operator to brief you on the best safari clothing to have. Enough preparation must be done before you head out on your trip.

Zambia Clothes

When it comes to Africa, it’s quite hard to predict the weather. The best thing to do is pack lightweight clothes that are made out of natural materials like cotton and linen; they easily absorb the heat and are simple to wash. The climate keeps on changing and so be well prepared for anything that will come up. Natural colors like khaki, tan and brown are the best to have on your safari; these give you a chance to see animals at a closer range while bright colors may draw them away. It’s dusty in Zambia and so natural colors can work best to suit the environment.

Clothes with a camouflage element are not allowed, this is because they give a picture of a person wearing it to be hunting the wild animals which is prohibited. Long clothes are the best in such a conservative country; you will gain so much respect if you are decent. Women that wear short or revealing clothes may portray a bad image to the local people; you may end up grabbing a lot of attention that may end up making you uncomfortable. Men are also advised to wear long trousers instead of shorts.

Clothing In Zambia

Get the best collection of Zambia clothes for your safariYou may decide to go for a nature walk thus you need to pack comfortable walking boots, shoes as well as sandals. Walking through the woods and bushes is not something simple; you need strong and durable shoes that will support as your trek the rugged terrain. Sandals may be used in the evening as you are relaxing and taking a simple walk around the surrounding. Zambia is usually hot during the months of May to November; if you are traveling you are advised to bring clothes that will suit this kind of weather.

During the months of December and March are rainy seasons, the weather keep on changing to sunny and cloudy. Rainfall is at times short or even heavy, the nights and early mornings are so chilly therefore you must pack a  safari jacket, shawl along with a raincoat to keep you warm and protect you from the rain. June and July are cold months  as well as My and August are so chilly, come with some heavy African clothes including a hat and gloves to give you warmth as you tour the different cities in Zambia.

A Trip To Zambia

The only way to enjoy your trip in Zambia is by packing the right safari clothes; among these include jeans, khaki, safari hats, shirts, shoes, jackets and many others. You will surely discover the country at its best without any inconveniences. Get to know a brief history about Zambia and what its offer its visitors.  Zambia is located in the southern part of Africa and its well known for its civilization as well as culture. It’s one country that will give you to a chance to get close to nature and have a memorable experience. Among the attractions that Zambia can offer to its tourists include water sports, Museums, historical sites, waterfalls along with different kinds of wildlife. Below are some of the most visited attractions in Zambia;

South Luangwa National Park is a home to a big population of wildlife and the park occupies an area of about 9,050 sq km,it has all the animals that you may wish to see. Luangwa River attracts over 400 species of birds and animals that settle along the banks. It will be more fun if you got a tour operator to guide you through the park and if possible you may heir your own vehicle. As you enjoy your drive, you see animals such as lions, monkeys, zebras, antelopes, hippos, elephants and many others in their natural setting. Bird watchers will see species like swifts, cuckoo, eagles, herons, pelicans as well as storks. The experience is worth it.

Best Attractions

The Lower Zambia National Park is one of its kind, you can easily spot animals walking around the game reserve. It occupies anAn African safari to Zambia will enable you see the best tourist attractions area of about 4,092 sq km with a wonderful view of buffaloes, waterbucks, lions as well as elephants crossing over the river bank. You will be welcomed by the different bird species and wildlife. You can take a boat ride get a closer view of animals settling along the shores. Fishing is another activity that you can do at your time. The park has the best attractions that will give you the best experience for your safari.

Lake Kariba is yet another exciting and fascinating spot in Zambia, it offers chances to visitors to delight in nature and it’s surrounding. Among the activities that you can do include water sports, boating as well as fishing. Relaxing can be done at the banks of the lake as you enjoy the sunbath. It has a dam which is the biggest all over Africa. Accommodation in Zambia is accessible ranging from lodges and hotels with better services and facilities to make your stay memorable. Get the best safari clothes that will enable you enjoy the wilderness.