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While organizing your African safari, there are some items that are a must-pack for that trip. The most important of all being insect repellents particularly because there are several disease infecting mosquitoes in Africa. Additional items include Marsmallows, camping tents and sleeping bags. You should be in position to properly make use of the insect repellents for best results. The reason why I emphasizing this is because several people normally suppose that they are well acquitted with using them, and otherwise end up getting sick. For that reason give special attention to the give instructions. Have in mind that insect repellents may be dangerous to your family plus your health. Many believe that directly using these repellents may result into rashes, hives or at times eye irritations, cornea abrasion and Ulcers. To get an assurance of the best way to use insect repellents, then read on the tips below.

 Insect repellents

Buy cheap insect repellent for your safariSeveral people normally ignore the instructions, however I encourage you to spare some time and go through them and note the precautions and warnings before using it. Special attention should be put on where and how to spray it either on bare skin or on your safari clothing and often it should be used. It is recommended that you apply it frequently to both bare skin and clothing. It however best advised to try on minimal quantities of the repellent to see how it reacts with your skin and also to spray yourself and body in the open to avoid any effects to your eyes. Regarding children, don’t spray the repellent into their hands directly as they may smear it into their faces giving them health problems. Following a day’s work, have a thorough bath and try to wash clean your  travel clothing too. For instance if the repellent goes into your eyes, wash them clean with water  and in case you happen to have swallowed it, rinse well your mouth with medicated antihistamine liquid and no improvement is seen, you can consult a medical personnel.

Electronic insect repellent

An additional way of doing away with the insects is through using electronic-insect repellents. This method is very convenient and well repels mosquitoes and gnats in the surrounding. The benefit of such a repellent is that it does not require to be charged; you can always carry batteries in your safari luggage and you will surely enjoy the entire process of tapping the different insects. Most impressive about the electronic insect repellents are the electronic waves which trap the moving insects, and not to forget the fast ability to sense mosquitoes hence protecting you and your entire family as you sleep. It is easy to maintain as it leaves no insect remnants on the floor and is the most appropriate device that you can carry on your safari.

It has been proven that electronic-insect repellents also known as repellent has are the finest products because one doesn’t need to apply them on their skin but instead have to place them in an ideal location in which the insects can be trapped. The repellent is very affordable and strong so all you need are some batteries in case its power runs out. If you choose such repellents, you will save a lot of money. Astonishingly, several people are hesitant to purchasing these devices because they don’t know how they work; what I can recommend is that with the ever advancing technology, it is wise to this device as you will certainly appreciate its functionality.

 Insect repellent clothing

Pack the necessary insect repellent for your tripIn addition to that there is another way of repelling mosquitoes and this is basically by wearing insect repelling clothes. These clothing are made to repel all mosquitoes and insects that many cause discomfort while on your safari especially at night.  Research shows that natural repellents like lemon trees can by their smell repel mosquitoes explaining why many people having gardens normally have at least a lemon tree. In addition, mosquito lamps are good at repelling insects because of the Ultraviolet light that they emit which is not liked by most of these insects.

Remember to treat your safari garments with insect disincentives as it will repel away all insects. Alternatively, you could spray them, or soak them. If you are going to spray the clothing, allow them time so that the chemical dry well on them. Wearing treated clothing will protect you for approximately six week after which you can then wash them again. All these methods of using insect repellents will definitely protect you, the choice remains to your preference.