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Before starting out any safari on the African continent, it is vital that you carry along the appropriate safari clothes and gears majorly basing on the nature of safari you are planning to go for. This article will detail you with some of the basic guidelines that you require as you choose the appropriate safari wear, hats plus trekking clothing for your safari in Tanzania. We put special emphasis on the color, style, nature of boots and other outdoor clothing plus safari gear basing on the type of safari.
Majority of the specialists in the safari travel industry recommend that you carry along any item that you feel relevant as accessing such items is quite challenging when you reach the wilderness. For that reason it is rather important that you properly avail yourself with all the basic necessities before setting out for any African safari.

Packing Tips

1. Safari Clothing
It is very important that you take special care as you choose your clothing for your safari because they should not only be protective but also very comfortable. Wearing long sleeved shirts plus long pants will protect you from the irritating mosquito bites and also shelter you against sun burns. Actually, majority of the safari guides will advice you against bright colored clothing as they attract animals and rather recommend light brown, Khaki or tan. However, neutral colors are ideal for keeping cool particularly on warm days. Remember to always carry some thick clothing to warm you during the cold nights.
2. Back Pack
Prepare your trekking gear as you head to KilimanjaroAs you plan to embark on your African safari, it is important that you get a strong and water-resistant backpack as it will help you carry all your essential belongings. However be very cautious while packing to avoid you backpack weighing more than 50Kg as you will have to carry it from one place to another. Ensure that the straps are fitting and very comfortable. Remember to inquire with your tour guide the number of days the safari will run and the appropriate clothing to carry basing on the outdoor activities you will be involved such as water rafting, bungee jumping, gorilla trekking or mountain climbing.
3. Sun and Mosquito Protection
As you move in the wild, you will come across several mosquitoes and for that reason it is recommended that you carry your mosquito. Avoid using perfumes and hair sprays plus any scented products as they are a major attraction for mosquitoes. Countries that lie along the equator particularly Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya experience stronger sunshine with high temperatures therefore remember to carry your sunscreen lotion.
4. Polarized Sunglasses
Another essential item worth carrying along is a good quality pair of polarized sunglasses. These will shield you from the strong African sun.
5. Walking Shoes
Endeavor to come along with a pair of comfortable walking and running safari shoes with good quality stockings. You can also bring along walking sandals.
6. Rain Gear/warm Jacket
Basing on the schedule of your safari in Africa, it is vital that you carry some rain gear or safari jacket to protect you against the long rains from March to April short rains between October and December.  And for the cold season that runs from May to June, bring along a warm cardigan.
7. Swimming Suit
Because majority of the National Parks plus game reserves have swimming pools, there are numerous opportunities to enjoy a cool swim in the luxurious pools. However, don’t forget to bring a swimming costume to enjoy yourself.
Some other items that you can carry along include:
a) Camera gear for safari – always ensure that the equipment plug and electric cables conforms with that of the country you are visiting.
b) An extra pair of glasses and contact lenses
c) Binoculars
d) Personal toiletries
e) Essential medical supplies
f) Water-resistant bags to carry electronic equipment such as cameras

Neutral Colors
The most advised color to wear while on safari is Khaki although brown and tan green can also be worn. Carry non synthetic long sleeved shirts plus trousers be it Tanzania clothing or Africa clothing, however Botswana clothing are most appropriate for safaris.

The following can be important to take not of as you plan your safari for instance safari gear for women, there are various equipments for women that they ought to have. Safari gear for kids for those who travel with kids along. An African safari gear packing list is a must check prior to your tour. Safari camping gear for those who love staying in the wilderness therefore Endeavor to have the best safari gear as you organize your safari to Africa.

Kilimanjaro Climbing Gear

Having the rightful climbing gear will enable you to safely enjoy climbing the impressive mountain Kilimanjaro. Fortunately today there is a variety of good quality safari gear discovery on the market which is long lasting, light weighed and very strong, this will save you from developing foot discomfort plus developing blisters ass you hike the wild slops.
Hiking boots
Leather hiking boots with a studied vibrant mid sole is the ideal pair to carry for hiking safaris and endeavor that they fit well. However, to excellently enjoy your evening at camp and short distance walks, bring along a pair of well fitting open toe sandals whichAdventure Africa by trekking Mount Kilimanjaro can be worn with a pair of stockings. Camp Booties; these are an optional item although they can be synthetic or else down but with a thick strong sole. The best choice  for trekking wear would be the durable Mountain Chugach Booties. Lightweight Socks; at least carry 3 pairs of wool or synthetic blend for instance the Smartwool, Bridgedale or the Patagonia. Heavy Stocks; recommended are 3 pairs of a blend of wool and synthetic such as SmartWool or Bridgedable.

For visitors planning to tour Africa for the first time, an excellent choice would be a safari to Tanzania, Uganda or Kenya. These countries are prominent for their remarkable wilderness and rich availability of game. Some of the activities you will enjoy in these countries include:
i) Seeing the elephants found at Amboseli
ii) Seeing the spectacular Great Rift Valley
iii) Watching the outstanding great migration of thousands of Wildebeest in the Masai Mara National Reserve
iv) Hiking the highest mountain in Africa; Mount Kilimanjaro
v) Exploring various archeological sites of mankind
vi) Explore the unique yet exciting cultures of the different groups of people
vii) Enjoy miles of unspoiled white sand luxurious beaches
Regardless of what your dreams, interests or aspirations are, endeavor that when planning a safari to Africa you settle for the best tour operator so as to have not only an enjoyable experience but also a memorable one as you see you dreams become true.

Camping & Hiking Gear

Source    Item
Base layers (bottoms)    Cabela’s    MTP Hunt Series Tech Silk Weight Drawer
Cabela’s    MTP Polar-Weight Drawers
Cabela’s    ThermaStat Polar-Weight Drawers
REI    REI Polartec 100 Teton Pants
REI    REI MTS Boxer briefs
Pants    REI    CS Venture Convertible Cargo pants
REI    Alpine Lakes Full-Zip Pants (water proof shell)
Base layers (tops)    REI    REI Polartec Power Stretch Pullover
REI    Patagonia Capilene Midweight Crew
REI    Patagonia Capilene Lightweight Crew
REI    REI Tech Tee Shirts
Jackets    REI    North Face Venture Acclimate (water proof shell)
Plateau Outdoors    North Face Nuptse down jacket
Campmor    Cascade Poncho II
Gloves    REI    REI Performance Glove Liner
REI    North Face Denali Gloves
REI    Outdoor Research Snowline Mitts
Headwear    Campmor    Campmore Balaclava w/ Hytrel
Marmot    Marmot PreCip Safari Hat
REI    REI Windpro Microfleece Watch Cap
Footwear    REI    Montrail Torre GTX Hiking Boots
Campmor    Outdoor Research Crocodile Gore-Tex Gaiters
REI    REI Marino Wool Hiking Socks
Misc. Gear    REI    REI Lookout Pack (2,500 cubic inches)
Campmor    Nalgene Water Bottles (2) – 1 liter
Campmor    Platypus 2-Liter Reservoir
Campmor    Leki Makalu Ti Ultralite Trekking Poles
Campmor    Fitovers Sport Polarized Sunglasses
Campmor    Spenco Blister Kit
Campmor    Therm-A-Rest Pillow
Campmor    Tinker Swiss Army Knife
Campmor    Tweezer Magnifier
Campmor    1-liter water bottle parkas (2)
Campmor    Katadyn Micropur Water Purification tables
REI    Zenix IQ LED headlamp by Black Diamond
REI    Brinkmann Rebel LED flashlight