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While organizing for your vacation, endeavor that you take with you a safari-bush hat. This is a very important necessity as it will guard you from the hot sun and reduce on the chances of you being seen by wild animals. When it comes to safari hats, several people give thought to this and yet they have the ability of spoiling or making your safari or vacation. Listed below are some important features as well as functionalities that a good Safari Bush Hat should have.

 Aussie bush hats

A good safari aussie bush hat should offer you comfort for several hours even on hot days. It should be water resistant on the exterior and sweat absorbent on the interior.A properly fashioned hat should have aeration features like mesh and vents and canvas fabric. Note that mesh is not ideal in tsetse fly infested countries as they will get trapped making you so uncomfortable. A hat with an all round extensive brim is also ideal as it protects the face, ears and neck against sun burns and also reduces bad glare cause by the sun. Strings on the hat will keep it rigid on your head even as you travel in open safari vehicles. Don’t forget to stick to khaki, brown or green clothing as they are the ideal colors for safaris

A safari hat that camouflages is the finest hat to pack that that which you have to carry with you everywhere you go. Basing on the weather in the area, some people may opt for warm and cool alternatively a flee hat when it comes tgo the chili mornings while on their hunting tracks. Below are some of the finest safari hats that our clients wear.

Bush hats

Get a big collection of safari hats at a cheap priceBush hats have several names like the sun-helmet, sola topee, topi, topee, salacot and they are special designed with pith/cork from sola plants of Asia and the covered on top with travel clothes. They are designed in such a way that they protect the entire head against the sun and they are actually popular among Americans plus Europeans living in places with tropical climates.

Pith hats

Throughout the 1870s, Pith hats where worn by many military forces serving in the tropical colonies. The hats were designed with frontal peaks, with some holes for aeration and then they were covered with a cloth and their strap was a chain. Today this hat is still a component of the dress uniform in the military and is finished with spikes and plumes. During wars, the British would dye their white clothing with tea so as to properly camouflage. All this was before the introduction of helmets colored in khaki. By the 1930s, these pith helmets were worn by the Europeans to shield themselves from any sunstroke while living in the tropics, and also while indoors to safe-guard against the sun rays that would strike the roof.  Pith hats, aussie, travel and bush hats all have a very significant role when it comes to safaris.

The leather Hats

Leather is normally split into several layers while at the tannery before being treated with different oils. The split layer is got from the layers closet to the animal flesh hence have a somewhat uniform color plus texture being soft and bendable. Because it is thinner, it is more vulnerable to water stains and damage that the split leather or the full grain. Other than the Wombart hat which is shaped at the brim, the rest of the bush hats have an ordinary classic shape. However the Rogue Breezy plus the Barmah Cooler have mesh-sides for aeration but don’t allow water to enter, giving you a cool feel to your head during the warm climates. If you have just bought your hat, it may feel a little tight; however there is no need to worry. Just pull it over your knee and in no time the leather will give way.

Proper Care

Endeavor not to squeeze the front of the hat as you wear it because it may cause the hat to lose shape, resulting into a sharp bend in the leather exposing it to any damage. Pulling the brim of the hat to ensure that the hat fits well will also alter the exceptional Aussie fashion of the brim.

Take care how you store it

We advice that you store your hat on a peg or rest it upside-down on its crown to do away with altering its shape. In addition, ensure that is well kept away from direct sunlight as over exposure to ultra violet rays will damage the skin, and make leather too liable to damage. Strong Enjoy your trip with designer safari hatssunlight can result into the surface cracking and its color fading. But all the same, wear your nice hat on hot as well as sunny days; after all it’s for that reason that they were made. However, don’t leave it on the dashboard of the car or on the sun lounger.

Keep your hat clean

Although your hat will have been treated, it may still stain if you are not careful and these stains can be quite difficult to remove. Try to keep your hat away from makeup food or any oil-based products. If you do accidentally spill something on your hat wipe it with a soft damp cloth. If a stain is particularly persistent you could try a leather cleanser. This is readily available from your local shoe shop or department store. After using a leather cleanser, we recommend replenishing your hat’s protective layer with an additional leather protector spray. This is also readily available from shoe shops and department stores. If your hat does become soaked through, leave it to dry naturally. If you use heat to dry it, the leather may shrink and the hat might not fit you anymore!
Although these hats are treated, they may all the same stain in case you don’t careful handle them and worst of all is that the stains are hard to remove. Keep the heart from make-up, oily products plus food. In case you unintentionally spill on it, use a soft moist cloth to wipe it clean. However for persistent stains, opt for a leather cleanser. You can get this from any of your local stores. If your Hat does not entirely get soaked you should leave it on the head to dry. Using heat to dry it may shrink the leather resulting into the hat not fitting you again.