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There are different types of safari hats on the market and so before you decide on what to take, first consider your destination and the expected conditions. When you decide to take a rain hat, take not of its features such as a wide brim, waterproof as well as a chin strap. All this will protect you from the sun. Sun hats are normally designed in such a way with cotton or nylon for breathability; furthermore it has features of grommets and mesh ventilation. Different hats have different styles that have a skirt or cape to keep the sun off your neck, ear and temples.

Travel Hat

Cold-weather hats as well as beanies are configured from wool or fleece and they usually get in many styles these give you the best safari outfit. Travel hats include casual hats, ball caps and trekking hats. These have a wider brim and still provide better protection from the sun and rain where as complement your safari outfit.

Travel Sun Hats

Underwear and Socks
The same fabric rules apply for underwear and socks: A synthetic fabric, such as REI MTS polyester, will be easier to care for than cotton, while merino wool, such as Smart wool brand products, offers natural breath ability and comfort. When choosing socks, consider that synthetics and wool can help prevent blisters by keeping feet drier than cotton socks do.