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This is the ultimate guide for travel clothing be it for safari, rafting, hiking, walking, adventuring, cruising or mountaineering. Touring outside town is a common activity that can be done any time of the year. So which clothing should you carry for your trip? When thinking of having a trip, what is the initial thing that many usually do? Majority of the people rush into the shopping mall to buy fashionable new safari clothing; this is a very big mistake and a misuse of money. Factually, as plan your trip, you will normally find all the hiking clothing you want within your closet and drawers, at the back of the couch or even on the floor. There are a number of items that seriously need to be well addressed.

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Not to be exceptionally harsh, it is a fool that will wear brand new shoes for their safari. Sadly, this is a common mistake done by many travelers. Buying new safari shoes for a trip can be compared to putting your feet through a Spanish investigation. His is surely agony. Because new shoes do not usually fit well, you should then prepare to get blisters the first days of the trip. These blisters are so very irritating that they may turn your exciting trip into a horror as they may inhibit your capability to freely move around. So if you plan on purchasing new items, do it a month earlier particularly when it comes to the shoes because blisters can better be dealt with while at home.

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Wear the best travel clothes at an affordable rate.Being a dignified individual, possibly you wear stylish safari clothing, but sophisticated clothes don’t serve well while on trips. Possibly, as you fold it into the safari luggage you may ruin your cloth! But all in all you should do away with attires that require dry cleaning, unless if you are ready to spend part your trip-time at the dry cleaners that is if you get one. The best alternative is to purchase wrinkle free shirts, pants and dresses. Although I earlier recommended against purchasing any new clothing, this is an acceptable exception.

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We all have different preference when it comes to clothing and one of the most decisive factors is color. Some people look great in green whereas others don’t. Regardless of your preferred color, you should try out on packing a variety of clothes in that color. For example you will try to coordinate colors minding less about the resulting combination. This is however very helpful particularly if you are having a long trip where some pieces will certainly not survive tear. So if you find yourself wearing a golf suit at the end of a trip, just know that you did it all wrong.

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If you are planning to have extended tour you have to incorporate the above mentioned basic rules. Opt for travel clothing that are light weight and easily folded plus the appropriate safari gear. Take along clothes that you will be able to wear once or on a specific occasion just when you are sure that that particular occasion will be held. Otherwise, go out there to have a great time.
At last you have managed to get some time off from office, and your boss has permitted that you unwind and have some fun to yourself. You eyes are all focused on an exotic destination that you have always longed to visit.  You are quite excited just as you were when you received your very first toy during childhood. But right at that time comes the annoying thing; not your boss calling off your leave, it is the packing sadness! Each time we organize a vacation, there is always an endless debate on what to pack.  However, there is one important rule that you should remember regarding travel clothing; pack smart and always pack light.

I believe that several times you have heard that but mentioning once again won’t hurt. I will begin by explaining the meaning of “travel light”. Ensure that you pack clothing that are of light weight such ass nylon, polyester and may be silk for warmth. Such fabric offers good ventilation, dries quickly and is easy to maintain. Furthermore, it does not occupy much space hence leaving you room to carry back some gifts for your loved ones.

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So let us now look at “traveling smart”. The clothing you carry should be resistant to getting wrinkled because it may be quitePack the best wrinkle free clothes for your trip challenging to find a dry cleaner. But even if you got one, it would be such a waste of your trip time as you wait for your clothes to be ironed. However, another smart advancement would be wearing convertible pants. These pants can be worn while in the city or in for a professional meeting and later unzipped into shorts while at the beach.  I believe you now understanding the meaning of travel smart. But something else quite important and worth remembering as you pack is to pay maximum attention to the colors you choose.
Neutral colors such as brown plus beige are the most recommended and fortunately can be combined with anything. Such clothes enable pack less hence reducing on the weight if your clothing. It is also good to have your clothing with numerous pockets preferably with most of them hidden to hold your travel documents safely. My only hope is that you try to follow these travel clothing guidelines or what to pack  but even if you do not; I wish you an enjoyable trip.  After all, you will not be having another travel vacation from your boss in the near future.


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