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Travel Wear,What to Take on Your Trip

Which clothing must you pack if you are to personally carry all your luggage and yet you which to Travel light? Carry a “bare” least number of  travel clothing. Dress casual yet comfortable. Select your clothing for their particularity for instance in warm weather choose light weight cotton clothing as they  are more comfortable compared to tight fitting and synthetic fiber that stick on your body. If traveling to tropical regions, wear long sleeve shirts, long trousers and high neck-line tops to shelter your skin from the strong sunshine and infecting mosquitoes. Stick to light weight, loose fitting light colored and yet natural fabric clothing for maximum comfort.

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Comfortable casual clothes particularly if you intend to go casual will reduce on chances of being marked as a rich target by the local robbers who operate along tourists’ spots. For a more elegant evening look, pack a small light colored scarf to complement your neutral colored casual clothes. Leave your nice jewelry back at home because other than it being heavy, it also attracts thieves. Even if you are a clothes changer, limit yourself to one set of casual day-wear, a dressy one for the evenings out and a fancy set for dinnertime or at the restaurants. You will tire yourself as you try to be stylish if you carry several out fits from one place to another. Don’t be bothered about being sighted in the same clothing for two consecutive days, other than your travel companion and the hotel clerk who will be with you more than once, there is nothing to worry about because if your travel companion is also practical, they will be repeating the same set of safari clothes on the trip.

Master the art of wearing the best clothes that will make you comfortableGenerally when it comes to choice of clothing, I dress in one loose fitting comfortable pair of casual pants and presume that if caught out in the rain they will not hurt me but instead dry out fast. I always carry no spares. Having additional pants or shirts on your luggage will over weigh your safari luggage. Choose clothes that are neutral in color and well match with other clothes. Trousers with several pockets are a good addition especially if you plan to buy small junk food or visit the souvenir shop as you walk around sightseeing.

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To travel light, I just pack one or two spare tops that are lightweight, comfortable and can easily be rolled up, as folding causes more creases than careful rolling. I pack just two pairs of underwear and socks for an entire trip. It’s easy enough to wash out underwear, socks and shirts in hotel rooms and hang them up to dry for later reuse during the same trip. The choice is simple. For a two week trip you can lug fourteen pairs of underwear everywhere you go, or you can lug just two and regularly wash them out with soap and water in a hotel room sink. I suggest packing two pairs, not one, so that there is still a fresh change on hand for days when you may arrive in a place one evening and plan to move on to another town the very next morning, allowing for too little drying time. When you hit a larger city like Paris or London or Rome, where you plan to stay put for at least a couple of days, you can catch up on all your washing and know that clothing or travel pants has plenty of time to dry, even if the air is damp.

To pack light, pack 1 or 2 additional comfortable light weight tops that can easily be folded with less wrinkles. I normally pack three pair of socks plus underwear for the whole trip. These can easily be washed and hang within the hotel room to dry and later be reused on that trip. The choice is yours to carry fourteen pairs of under-garments or just three pairs that can be washed with water plus soap and hang in your hotel room for a two weeks trip. I recommend packing three pairs so that you can always rewash them and have fresh change. If you arrive in a place in the late evening and yet travel early next morning, you can catch up on the laundry when you reach large cities such as Rome, Paris or London.

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To pack thin, carry light weight cotton stocking plus underwear that take in air and that don’t require a lot of time dry as compared to heavy cotton and other fabric. Fortunately, during summer clothes can easily dry out. In the cold damper months, it is usually raining and a radiator can serve as a heat source to dry them. However don’t place wet item directly on the radiator and any electrical appliance plus ensure that your wet items don’t drip to wet the hotel carpet. Wire out the clothes and hang them in your shower until they stop dripping. Avoid hanging brightly colored clothing that will stain bathroom rags and the floor with their dye.
Carry numerous plastic bags as they are weightless and occupy less space and can be useful in several ways like storing opened food-staff and keeping laundry. For instance, you can use one bag for clean underwear and another for the dirty ones, whereas another for the washed laundry that did not dry up well. These you can always spread out to dry well when you reach your next stop. Remember to always do your washing with the ordinary soap to avoid carrying any special cleaning agent.

In case you need some warm clothing for the cold days and evenings, then carry just one item. This you can always use whenever need arises. It shouldn’t be heavy and must be wrinkle free. For instance a single sweatshirt and sweater in colors that don’t show dirt is a very practical choice than the bulky travel  jackets, unless you are travelling to extreme cold or winter places. And if you are not using the sweater, you can always tie it around the waist hence keeping it around you as you about sightseeing. Tying it around your waist is lighter than carrying it in your backpack. Fortunately, this can serve as a pillow while on a long train ride.
If you are traveling during the rainy season that will necessitate a rain gear, carry a thin easy to fold plastic poncho or a rain coat which can easily be accessed in case of abrupt rain showers. For those traveling within the city, you can always run to sun-shades or go in shops which can save you from carrying heavy rain gear. Strong umbrellas and rain gears are necessary for areas in which you anticipate.

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Limit the number of sleep-clothing and ensure that it is light. Don’t forget to purchase a pair of weightless cheap thin slippers to wearPack the best safari clothes for your trip while the hotel room that will not add weight to your luggage.Don’t carry an additional pair of shoes. these are least important necessity for your trip that will only add bulk to your luggage. The difference between reality and most movies is that the leading actor and actress wear different pair of safari shoes per attire they wear for each scene but remember these people do not actually carry their baggage around and factually the bags they hold are too small to hold all that they wear. Therefore packing an extra pair of shoes in an un necessary luxury that will only add bulk to your bags.  Therefore I consider the likelihood that in case my shoes get wet, they should be in position to dry out fast. Consider carrying one pair of durable sneakers that are very comfortable and offer support. Carry a pair of heels and tight shoes will make your feet hurt and swollen hence ruining the fun of your holiday.

Attempt some of the above travel tips by packing light hiking clothes and experience the good difference. Believe me you may never consider packing several stylish attires again. You can still look elegant in your clothing if you prioritize on quality but not their quantity. Look beyond the fashion of your clothing to their functionality and you will sure enjoying traveling and packing light.